A word of caution before buying a product that says PROPRIETARY BLEND or PROPRIETARY FORMULA on the label. The FDA, as well as a number of consumer advocate groups, consider this to be a deceptive practice.

The truth is, that when a product lists words like PROPRIETARY on the label as opposed to disclosing exactly what or how much is contained within… that product may not contain what you think it does.  For example, If the label claims the product contains a whopping 1,200 mg of Proprietary Mushroom Extract(s) and Secret Sauce, most people probably assume the product is packed full of mushroom actives.  But what if the product actually contained 1,150 mg of Secret Sauce and only 50 mg of mushroom extracts? Would you still buy the product? That’s the point, you wouldn’t.  So, when looking at the labels of two equally priced products, but only one identifies exactly what it contains and how much, go with what you know, as opposed to what the manufacturer doesn’t want you to know.  This is super important when comparing apples to apples… or in this case, mushrooms to mushrooms.

In truth, there may be well-intended companies that practice deceptive label tactics but justify doing so in order to protect what they think is a novel formula.  The FDA and consumer advocate groups understand this but place a greater value on consumer safety and protection.  To that end, the companies that practice LABEL TRANSPARENCY, understand the best way sell a product is based on quality of ingredients, manufacturing practices, and product efficacy. 

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